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Poop is Not Funny

We both got home late last night.  I was in bed reading when he burst into the room and started blowing raspberries on my belly. 

Him: Name a food.

Me: Um…french fries?

H: Hmmmm….Ok!  This is the noise of a french fry poop. Fffftttt, ffffftttt, ppbt, fffftttt…

M: Ew!! That is SO gross!

H: Wait, there’s more.  Pppppbt, fffftttt…

M: Ok, that is too disgusting.  No more.

H: I just have finish.  Ffffffttttt……………Pbtttttttttth….Ploop!

M: YUUUCK!!  Oh my god, I’m marrying a three year old.

H: A three year old, you say?  Plop, plop, pppptttthhh…

M: Are you making the sound your poop would make if you ate a three year old?

H: Yep!

I will admit that I giggled uncontrollably for about five minutes, but tried to make it very clear that it was his weirdness I was laughing at, not the poop sounds.  Boys are so gross.