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THE dress!

Last week I decided to get my ass in gear and start running again…after a two month hiatus.  Christmas break left my waist a little larger, my clothes a bit tighter, and my liver in tatters. 

On my way to Centennial Park I happened upon a bridal store that was going out of business.  Baccini and Hill in Woollahra.  The sign on the window said that they were only open on Saturday from 9-5 so I made a mental note to stop by and continued my run.

Saturday while the fiance was playing cricket, I wandered over to the shop to have a look.  When I walked in the door, there were two girls in gorgeous dresses taking photos of each other with their phones.  One girl had on a sleek silver backless number with buttons down the lower back and a jeweled strap across her back from the right shoulder to the left hip.  Her ass looked amazing.  I would have bought it for that fact alone.   The other girl was shorter and curvey.  She looked stunning in a more traditional style dress with a very full skirt.

While the shop girl helped the other ladies I perused the merchandise and picked out two wedding dresses that I thought were pretty.  One was not my style at all, but I’ve been experimenting with different wedding dress styles because I never know what might look good.  Experiment failed, it looked awful.  Lesson learned.

The second dress looked similar to the dress I had picked out at another shop, but hadn’t bought yet.  The dress I picked out earlier from Karen Willis Holmes was stunning, but pricey.  I was prepared to drop $1,500 on a dress but was looking for less costly alternatives. 

The second dress was it.  The dress.  It needed slight modifications, but it was 90% of the way there.  I looked at the price and thought the price tag must have been missing a zero somewhere.  It was unbelievable, too good to be true!  I ventured out of the dressing room to get the opinion of the other girls.  We all agreed that the dress looked amazing, but that I either needed to tone up my tummy a bit or wear some sort of chub-wrangling undergarment.  I mentioned the price tag and they said, “I know, isn’t it amazing?!?  We didn’t believe it either!”  So it was true.  This beautiful silk blend dress had been marked down from $2,800 to just $100!!!!  No, you didn’t read that wrong.  One hundred dollars!  Sold!

The silver dress the other girl was wearing had been marked down from nearly $3,000 to just $100, and the princess dress was originally $6,000 but was marked down to $200!  Needless to say, they bought the dresses. 

All the dresses in the shop are sample size 10’s and are marked down to ridiculously low prices.  Some may need beading fixed or dry cleaning.  They also have a limited selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses from $30 to $200.  I picked up a blue engagement party dress for $100.

If anybody in Sydney who is looking to buy a wedding dress reads this blog this week, make sure to go to Baccini and Hill this Saturday, February 23rd.  That is the last day they’re open before they close their doors forever.