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Celebrity Love Match

Who is your celebrity love match?

Mine is Hugh Jackman ::swoon::

Hugh Jackman

Followed closely by Al Gore (Democrats are sexy) and Brad Pitt.

The fact Hugh Jackman has been known to hang out in my neighbourhood makes him the most geographically attainable celebrity who would potentially earn a spot on my list. Is this test a sign that the fiance and I should agree on a celebrity list and get that puppy laminated ASAP?

Perhaps in another lifetime. Even if I had the opportunity to hook up with Wolverine (like that would ever happen), I would decline. I love my man too much to ever jeopardize our relationship for a fling with the sexiest celebrity alive. However, my love for him wouldn’t prevent me from smacking Hugh’s ass. His wife is a lucky lucky woman.

If we did agree on a list, my fiance would probably put the entire Red Sox roster on his. His love of the sports (the Red Sox in particular) transcends his heterosexuality. He has stated that he would gladly have Curt Schilling’s babies. What kind of crazy am I marrying?