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I’m an Auntie!

My sister-in-law-to-be just gave birth to a baby boy!  We’re on our way down to see him in a few minutes.

I always wanted to skip being a parent and go straight to being a grandparent, but I think being an Auntie is the next best thing.  All the fun of a baby and none of the responsibility!

Update:  Oh my god this kid is so cute!  Mom was looking amazingly healthy and relaxed for somebody who had just pushed out a kid.  He was 9lbs 14oz at birth and looks huge for a newborn.  

Nearly all of the family was there to welcome him to the world.  This baby has a lot of relatives: one half brother, 2 aunties, 5 uncles, and 3 grandparents and a very proud Mum and Dad.  No cousins yet, but I’d say that he’ll have a younger brother or sister before he gets a cousin out of me. 

No babies for me until I’m at least 30.  Although, last weekend at dinner we picked out names for our yet-to-be-born children.  Can you tell I like to plan things far in advance?  I’m not a person who yearns to have kids.  One day, perhaps that desire will become overwhelming but at this point I’m content with dogs.  However, I will admit that holding that little baby made me want one…sometime in the distant future.