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A Superficial Victory

I think we’ve already established that I’m lazy.  My weekends usually consist of me napping more than most cats and eating whatever requires the least amount of effort to prepare (cheese, chocolate, microwave burritos etc.).

I’m not much better during the week.  I’m a weekday slob.  As the only female in my department, I could wear the same outfit every day and nobody would notice.  In fact, I’ve often worn the same pair of pants to work five days in a row.  Luckily the dress code at our workplace is business casual so I basically wear whatever is clean.

If I put that little effort into how I dress, imagine how much attention I gave my hair.  You can correctly assume that doing my hair is low on my list of priorities.  Not only because I’m lazy, but because I have thick, dry, unmanageable hair.  My hair strategy: put it back in a ponytail and hope for the best.  In almost every photo of me from the past few years, my hair is either back in a ponytail or under a baseball cap.

Sure I’ve tried to make my hair cooperate, but no amount of blow drying or straightening on my part has ever lead to success.  I figured that all the hairdressers were miracle workers with special powers I could never attain.  Turns out those stupid magazines are right.  The right products make all the difference.

Today I claim victory over my unruly hair.  And all it took was moisturising shampoo, smoothing conditioner, smoothing serum, heat seal styling spray, a hair dryer, a boar bristle brush, a ceramic straightening iron, and the time it takes to watch Boston Legal. 

I feel that after twenty-something years of bad hair days, I have earned the right to brag.  My hair looks awesome!  It’s bouncy, wavy, shiny and all around glorious!  It took a crazy amount of work to get it looking this good, but even after sleeping on it my hair still looks fab.  I suppose I can’t claim total victory though because I do not have the time or patience to do this every day.

So, good hair days might become a monthly occurrence, which is a far more often than the four times a year I get my hair done by those aforementioned miracle workers.