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I’m seriously worried about my Mom’s sanity.  Today while talking on msn messenger this gem came through the interwebs from her fingers:

I was looking at a cute picture of a little monkey today and said, if i can’t have grandchildren now can i get a monkey?

Wow.  What do you say to that?

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Apparently she’s not alone in her desire to be Mom to a monkey.  This article claims that there are people out there who actually buy monkeys and raise them as kids.

Many self-described “monkey people” don’t dare call them pets. They are playfully referred to as “monkids” and reared in a world of pierced ears, monogrammed clothes, a seat at the dinner table and their own bedrooms.

Some monkid parents must shop at Dior for Monkeys

When you have someone who spends $500 for monkey tops and bottoms, and this is your spring wardrobe, you know the pet is being taken care of.

Spending $500 on monkey clothes does not necessarily make you a good parent.  It does however, make you insane.