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My husband only recently discovered Microsoft Paint.  That plus boredom plus pictures of our dogs make for an hilarious combination.




















Remote Control

A remote control for your cat is available at ThinkGeek

“Simply point at your cat, press buttons on the remote and hope for the best.”


Alas this is not a miracle device.  The website says, “No batteries required – powered by wishful thinking.”

I sent this to my husband for a bit of a laugh.  He sent back this:


It’s the Slosydney remote control!  All the middle buttons are unnecessary of course because I’m programmed to do them anyway.  They are an insight into my daily life.  Except the drink champagne button.  That’s a weekend thing.  

My favourite button:  Get off Crack.  Ha!

The Reason I Smile

Somebody sent me this quote the day after I wrote my previous post.  I think it applies to this situation perfectly.

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.  Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”

– H. Jackson Brown

No matter what doubts my parents my have about my future husband, our love and commitment to each other overrides the need to convince them that we have a bright future together.  Turns out that my grandparents weren’t too thrilled about my parents’ choice of partner all those years ago.  They’ve been married nearly 30 years now so that goes to show that parental approval is not required for a happy marriage.

And seriously, how can I not be in love with a person who sends me text messages like this?

Hi Baby.  You’re the reason I smile.

::Heart melting::


10 things I love about you

1.  You keep me laughing all the time.  Whether you’re making Boy Dog play the sofa like a piano, spouting pirate puns, or coming up with silly songs about monkeys, you’re always entertaining.
2.  You are brilliantly intelligent. I learn so much from you.
3.  You know me better than I know myself.
4.  You may be goofy-looking, but to me you’re dead sexy.
5.  You put up with my crazy monthly PMS cry sessions.
6. You not only tolerate my dogs, but you’ve developed a genuine love for them. Well, one of them anyway. Boy Dog adores you.
7. You are passionate in your beliefs. Nobody can ever say that you are apathetic.
8. I can trust you with my life. You are always honest with me.
9. You feed me. You are an amazing cook. Without you, I’d starve.
10. You truly are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

Poop is Not Funny

We both got home late last night.  I was in bed reading when he burst into the room and started blowing raspberries on my belly. 

Him: Name a food.

Me: Um…french fries?

H: Hmmmm….Ok!  This is the noise of a french fry poop. Fffftttt, ffffftttt, ppbt, fffftttt…

M: Ew!! That is SO gross!

H: Wait, there’s more.  Pppppbt, fffftttt…

M: Ok, that is too disgusting.  No more.

H: I just have finish.  Ffffffttttt……………Pbtttttttttth….Ploop!

M: YUUUCK!!  Oh my god, I’m marrying a three year old.

H: A three year old, you say?  Plop, plop, pppptttthhh…

M: Are you making the sound your poop would make if you ate a three year old?

H: Yep!

I will admit that I giggled uncontrollably for about five minutes, but tried to make it very clear that it was his weirdness I was laughing at, not the poop sounds.  Boys are so gross.

Local Girlfriend Always Wants To Do Stuff

From an Onion Article:

Though he and Maas have dated for almost two years, Bertram reportedly did not recognize the severity of his girlfriend’s near-chronic dependence on getting out of the house and doing stuff until six months ago, when she insisted the two attend a free outdoor concert in their neighborhood. Since that time, Maas has asked an estimated 11 times to be taken to dinner, 17 times to go grocery shopping, and, on 20 separate occasions, has expressed a desire to go on a meandering walk without a fixed destination, purpose, or time limit.

I emailed it to the fiance with the subject “sounds like me.”

He wrote back:

Does the next paragraph say:

“If not properly babysit, she will sit around in her underwear drinking soda water until 3pm when she has a nap for 1 hour and 45 minutes, wakes up, declares she’s hungry, eats a frozen burrito and then asks ‘what are we doing tonight”?

Yep, that’s me in a nutshell.  He knows me so well.

That’s some bad hat, Harry

Last night during a ‘roll in the hay’ between episodes of The Wire, I glanced over at Boy Dog who was nestled between pillows sleeping soundly.

“Is he wearing my underwear as a hat?” I asked, incredulously.

Yep. My black thong had been carefully placed upon his furry head by the fiance.

I giggled for a while then went back to the business at hand.

Boy Dog with Hat