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JFK is in my living room

A few months ago I put together a few ideas for the living room. This was my first attempt at using paint.net so it’s not very pretty. LivingRoomIdeas

Since I did this I’ve completely changed my mind about what I want in the living room. The items that actually exist in the room are the ugly green/brown sofa, the TV, an entertainment centre that looks similar to the one above, and a silver lamp.

A few things have changed since I did this. We got a new glass coffee table and hung two prints that my fiance had framed. How do I design a colour scheme around these things?
JFK It’s Time Whitlam Poster

I’m thinking we keep Kennedy in the living room but move Whitlam elsewhere. These posters make it pretty obvious for visitors to determine which way we lean politically.

Designing by compromise is so difficult. When I lived by myself everything was just the way I liked it. When my fiance moved in he brought with him a few hundred (or thousand) books and big posters that he insists on displaying. I think I got off fairly easy considering what some girlfriends have to put up with. Thank goodness his love of Star Wars hasn’t translated into a collection of dork-related paraphernalia !