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Engagement Party!

Is it possible to be more excited about the engagement party than the wedding?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Even though we got engaged nearly six months ago, we haven’t had an official engagement party.  Criminal, I know.  We did have the best Halloween party in the Southern Hemisphere the day after we got engaged, but spending the evening dressed as Miss Piggy and passing out before midnight is not how I imagined my engagement party.

Mom and Dad are coming to visit next month so I’m using their visit as an excuse to do it right.  Finger foods, tiny cupcakes, drink stations, fun decorations, a cool guest book and tons of wine! 

And the best part?  No arguing about the guest list!  We can invite as many people as we want!  The 150 people we’re planning on inviting are not all going to fit in our house but we’ll make do…somehow. 

Invitations are getting printed now and will be sent out early next week.  Yay!