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The Perfect Touch

Although my mom kind of drives me insane, we did have a lot of fun together.  On her last night here, while Dad and the fiance plowed bottle of wine numero quatro, my mom and I played dress up.  I put on my wedding dress while she oohed and aahed over it.  We’ve already decided that I’m going to wear earrings that belonged to my great grandmother on my dad’s side; simple little pearl earrings that were worn by her on her wedding day, then by my grandmother, then by my aunt and soon, me.

As my dress is very simple, we thought we’d add a little decoration to dress it up a bit.  I was thinking beading on the straps, or an deco pin on the bodice.  Mom brought over a pin that belonged to my great grandmother on my mom’s side.  We put it in the centre of the bodice and she started crying.  It was so perfect!  It’s all the dress needs, and so nice that I’ll be wearing something from both sides of the family.

In other news, my dad discovered my great grandmother and great grandfather’s marriage certificate.  They were married on December 20th; the same day we are planning on getting married.  This wedding is turning out to inlcude a lot of special family tributes.

As much as my family drives me nuts, they’re the reason I’m in this world.  There’s a lot to thank them for, and I can only hope that I make my ancestors proud.