Melbourne, Part I. Shopping!

Melbourne was lovely.  Not quite the romantic weekend away we hoped for, but we had a fantastic time. 

I arrived Wednesday night and had an uneventful evening in a crappy hotel room in the middle of nowhere.  Thursday I finished work early and had time to do a bit of shopping.  After driving around a bit and getting hopelessly lost, I happened upon Chapel Street.  How fortuitous!  For the shops that is, not my bank balance. 

Chapel street has the best shopping I’ve seen in Australia.  It has all my favourite shops, cute boutiques and tasty looking cafes and restaurants.

First item on the shopping list: jeans.  My favourite pair of jeanshave finally become too obscene to wear in public.  Trying on jeans is always a depressing experience.  It’s almost as bad as bathing suit shopping but slightly better because I can’t see cellulite when I’ve got jeans on.   Usually I bring a friend along with me for moral support, but in the absence of any girlfriends I recruited the poor sales assistant.  He was a willowy young hipster with fopish hair, skinny jeans and bright pink nails.  Is it wrong to be envious of an 18 year old boy’s nail polish?  He was patient and complimentary while I squeezed into pair after pair of unflattering and ill-fitting sausage casings…er, pairs of jeans.  After nearly an hour, I found a satisfactory pair.  Yay!

Onto the second item on the list: stockings.  Tights serve double duty by keeping my legs warm and hiding the forest that I cultivate on my legs during the winter.  All of the shops seemed to only carry footless tights so I ended up at Allanah Hill, where I knew I could find tights.  If I could afford to, I would wear only Allanah Hill.  Alas, my money goes to unfashionable things like the mortgage and food.  I browsed the shop looking longingly at $600 coats, $300 sweaters and…what’s this?  A handbag.  Cute!  And it’s not outrageously expensive?  And It’s $100 off?  And it’s an additional 20% off?!?  My lucky day!  So, needless to say, I got a new handbag.

All in all it was a successful shopping adventure.  I came away with what I needed and nothing I didn’t.  Good thing I don’t live near Chapel street.  I’d be stylish but flat broke.


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