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To the person who broke into my car:

Hey Asshole,

Thanks a lot for breaking my window.  What a great way to start the week!

The least you could have done is actually take something.  You’d be doing me a favour seeing as I need to clean out the car.  What, the scraggly old sweater in the back wasn’t good enough for you?  How about the broken fan in the boot?  No?  The two year old bottle of Advil with said Advil melted in a big brown lump not potent enough?  Jeez thieves are picky these days.

So now I’m out $450.  Not that I needed it for my mortgage or anything.  Plus the seat is soaked because it rained all night, so that’s an added bonus.

Word to the wise, thief: breaking into the crappiest car on the street won’t get you enough money to buy those drugs you so desperately need.  Why not go for the Mercedes parked behind me?  Or how about the BMW parked in front of me?  If I can’t afford a nice car, I probably can’t afford nice things to leave in it.  So you should have at least taken the Advil because those are the only drugs you’ll score as a result of breaking into my car.



Update: They did take something! The spare deodorant I keep in the glovebox.  So somewhere in Sydney is a thief that is presumably less stinky than they were the day before.


(S)wanky Bars

We’re going to Ivy for gazillion dollar cocktails tonight.  It should be cool, but I always feel awkward and self-conscious in swanky places.  There’s no relaxing because I feel like I’m being judged.  How does my hair look?  What must they think of my handbag?  Are my clothes fashionable enough?  Totally superficial, I know, but I can’t help it. 

When my friend was visiting from the US a few months back, we went to the Argyle.  We got there early to check out the decor.  As other people arrived he said, “these people are…how do you say?..wankers.”  True that. 

Pity, because the place is awesome.  Located in the Rocks, the Argyle is a modern bar that manages to still exude historic charm.   On a balmy summer night enjoy a beer amongst bizarrely oversized lamps in the cobblestone courtyard.  Be warned that cobblestones, heels and beer are a messy combination.  Inside you can lounge on cushy red seats that are practically beds with tables in the middle, or have a pow-wow in what we call the “Knights of the Round Table” booths.  You can head upstairs to lounge some more, or perch on little ottomans.  If you don’t feel like sitting and want to do a bit of dancing, the Red Room  

Whoever designed the lighting is a genius.   The textures of the sandstone and wooden beams are accentuated by soft, indirect lighting.  Overhead lights are limited to vibrant, medusa-like chandeliers.  The DJ booth is a clear cube suspended above the entryway by wires.  I’m guessing they don’t hire many female or Scottish, kilt-wearing DJs. 

Just when you think the place can’t possibly get any cooler, take a trip to the toilets.  Or should I say, toilet?  No ladies and gents here; just one big room with a trough in the centre for hand washing, stalls on either side and glowing, clam-shaped urinals at the far end.  Gimmicky, but well done.

Overall, the Argyle is a really cool place: incredibly well decorated, great drink selection and a fantastic location.  I just make a point of arriving early and enjoying it before the crowds arrive. 

I’m usually a pub and beer sort of girl, but sometimes it’s nice to sip a cocktail or boutique beer without the sound of cricket and footy in the background.

Wedding Colours

Our wedding theme is “Sydney Harbour.”  Fitting, seeing as our reception will overlook the harbour.  I want to capture the beauty of the harbour in our wedding colours.  Therefore, I have chosen the colours blue (the colour of the water in the harbour), green (the colour of the foliage in the botanic gardens), and white (the colour of the sails of the Opera House and of course, the sailboats).   Here is an inspiration board I created to try and capture the theme.


Thanks to Snippet + Ink, Brooklyn Bride and The Knot for these inspirational images.

Cab driver or master chef?

Despite its reputation as a homogenous white country, Australia is incredibly diverse.  It has certainly become more diverse since the white Australia policy is thankfully no longer in force.  Apparently white people like diversity and I suppose we’re no exception.

The immigration rate is greater than the natural population growth, meaning that the number of people relocating from overseas is more than the number of births minus the number of deaths.  Rarely will you find Australians whose family has been here for more than 150 years.  The exception, of course, being the Australian Aborigines who have been here for hundreds of generations.  My great-great grandfather arrived from Glasgow, Scotland in the 1800’s aboard the Loch Marie.  That makes my sister and me 5th generation Australian.

My workplace is amazingly diverse.  I work with people who moved here from India, England, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, South Africa, Iraq, Croatia, Scotland, Hungary, Thailand, Lebanon, Burma, Ecuador and more.  And that’s just a sample from one floor! 

Fortunately, the Howard government’s insistence on assimilation hasn’t led people to abandon their culture.  Opportunities to learn about other cultures are plentiful.  You can go to a festival, try new food at a restaurant, watch a show on SBS,  or chat with a friend.

Or, just grab a taxi.  The fiance took a cab home from the airport earlier this week and his cab driver was Indian. [Side note: Another unique thing about Australia is that passengers usually sit in the front of the cab with the driver.  The fiance tried getting in the front of a cab while we were visiting Boston and the cab driver nearly had a panic attack.]  They got to chatting about cooking and throughout the course of the ride, the driver shared some of his Indian cooking secrets.  The fiance jotted down a recipe and vowed to give it a try.

Last night he followed the cab driver’s instructions precisely.  He made the most delicious authentic Indian curry ever!  Thanks for your cooking wisdom random cab driver!  I think we found our new favourite meal.

THE dress!

Last week I decided to get my ass in gear and start running again…after a two month hiatus.  Christmas break left my waist a little larger, my clothes a bit tighter, and my liver in tatters. 

On my way to Centennial Park I happened upon a bridal store that was going out of business.  Baccini and Hill in Woollahra.  The sign on the window said that they were only open on Saturday from 9-5 so I made a mental note to stop by and continued my run.

Saturday while the fiance was playing cricket, I wandered over to the shop to have a look.  When I walked in the door, there were two girls in gorgeous dresses taking photos of each other with their phones.  One girl had on a sleek silver backless number with buttons down the lower back and a jeweled strap across her back from the right shoulder to the left hip.  Her ass looked amazing.  I would have bought it for that fact alone.   The other girl was shorter and curvey.  She looked stunning in a more traditional style dress with a very full skirt.

While the shop girl helped the other ladies I perused the merchandise and picked out two wedding dresses that I thought were pretty.  One was not my style at all, but I’ve been experimenting with different wedding dress styles because I never know what might look good.  Experiment failed, it looked awful.  Lesson learned.

The second dress looked similar to the dress I had picked out at another shop, but hadn’t bought yet.  The dress I picked out earlier from Karen Willis Holmes was stunning, but pricey.  I was prepared to drop $1,500 on a dress but was looking for less costly alternatives. 

The second dress was it.  The dress.  It needed slight modifications, but it was 90% of the way there.  I looked at the price and thought the price tag must have been missing a zero somewhere.  It was unbelievable, too good to be true!  I ventured out of the dressing room to get the opinion of the other girls.  We all agreed that the dress looked amazing, but that I either needed to tone up my tummy a bit or wear some sort of chub-wrangling undergarment.  I mentioned the price tag and they said, “I know, isn’t it amazing?!?  We didn’t believe it either!”  So it was true.  This beautiful silk blend dress had been marked down from $2,800 to just $100!!!!  No, you didn’t read that wrong.  One hundred dollars!  Sold!

The silver dress the other girl was wearing had been marked down from nearly $3,000 to just $100, and the princess dress was originally $6,000 but was marked down to $200!  Needless to say, they bought the dresses. 

All the dresses in the shop are sample size 10’s and are marked down to ridiculously low prices.  Some may need beading fixed or dry cleaning.  They also have a limited selection of beautiful bridesmaid dresses from $30 to $200.  I picked up a blue engagement party dress for $100.

If anybody in Sydney who is looking to buy a wedding dress reads this blog this week, make sure to go to Baccini and Hill this Saturday, February 23rd.  That is the last day they’re open before they close their doors forever.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Call me a dork, dated, living in the past, whatever. I love Bon Jovi and I don’t care who knows it!

Last night I got to cross something off my things-to-do-before-I-die list: see a Bon Jovi concert.  BEST concert EVER!!!  Not a drop of alcohol and I was screaming like a schoolgirl.  Pathetic, but oh so enjoyable.

Rant of the day: Even though Jon Bon Jovi is the lead singer and namesake of the band, Bon Jovi is still a band, not an individual.

My fiance and I don’t have a ‘list’, but if we did, I’d have Jon Bon Jovi on mine.  Oh, and Hugh Jackman.  ::drool::