I dont’ know where the damn remote is!

The fiance’s work has been a circus lately and he’s been taking that stress home with him.  He’s been snippy, unresponsive and annoyed.  His attitude over the weekend was less than desirable, but I’d chalked it up to job stress and had given him a free pass…until last night.

Yesterday I cleaned our bedroom from top to bottom.  In my cleaning frenzy, the DVD remote went missing.  He wanted to watch a DVD and got angry because it wouldn’t work without the remote.  We looked everywhere for it to no avail.  Then the blame game started.  I wasn’t going to take the blame for something I didn’t do and he wanted somebody to blame.  So the hunt for the remote turned into a full-on fight.  After I tired of the innaneness of it all we got into be and read our respective books in silence, wondering when the other was going to apologize. 

The first rule of marriage is: never go to bed angry.  In the four years we’ve been together, last night was the first time we’ve ever gone to bed without making up.  It was awful.  He fell asleep and I stayed up waiting for him to apologise.  When his eyes remained closed, I gave up.  We both tossed and turned all night.  No reaching out to touch each other in lapses of sleep, no cuddling, no touching feet.

This morning he gave a half-hearted apology which I accepted, also half-heartedly.  As I was gathering my gym clothes, I uncovered the damn remote.  It had been at the foot of the bed the whole time!

After lunch the lady at reception called me to the front.  Something was there for me.  I wondered what it could be.

At the reception desk was an arrangement of roses and lilies, just for me.  What for?  Very late birthday present?  Flowers from my parents for no particular reason?  Thank you from a customer?  I was baffled. 

It all made sense when I opened the card.  It read:

Thank you for finding the remote.


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