Quick trip to Melbourne

I’m off to Melbourne for work tomorrow.  Actually, I’m going down to play but managed to fit work in and get the company to pay for the flight.  Clever eh?  The fiance is going down for work on Friday.  I had to go down for work eventually so we coordinated out trips so that we could spend the weekend there together.

This is our first weekend away since the last time we went to Melbourne…two years ago.  It’s no wonder I have tons of vacation time saved up.  All the more vacation time for the honeymoon!

The plan is to meet up with friends on Friday and stay at their place.  They moved to Melbourne a couple years ago and we don’t see them nearly enough.  Luckily they live not too far from the office so I get to see them every time I go there for work.  They have a gorgeous little girl and another baby on the way.

Then we have Saturday aaaaaaaallllllll to ourselves.  The only thing we have planned is an early dinner at Movida and drinks at the Melbourne Supper Club later in the evening.  We’re staying at the Grand Hyatt and I plan on taking at least two baths during our stay.

I don’t know what to do with the rest of our time.  Any suggestions?


2 responses to “Quick trip to Melbourne

  1. Ooo you could go and see the Art Deco exhibition at the museum
    Or head to Acland street for pastries
    Or Lygon for coffee
    The zoo!
    Eureka Tower skydeck for fun if you’re daring 🙂
    Try and get tickets to see Wicked
    So much more!

  2. Sona and Jasmine

    I just discovered your blog, it’s so witty and funny! Hooray!! (Sona of Sona and Jasmine)

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