Bah!  So I joined a gym about three months ago in an effort to get fit, be healthy and tone up.  Of course part me has succumbed to I-have-to-look-good-in-my-wedding-dress-itus, but really I just miss working out during the winter.  When the weather is nice I run nearly every day.  But during the winter months I park my ass on the sofa, eat chips, and grow cellulite.  Sexy.

When I joined the gym they weighed me.  I hadn’t been on a scale for about four years, so imagine my surprise when I realised that I’d put on about 15 pounds since then!  I blame the fiance’s awesome cooking.  I’m sure my lack of physical activity has nothing to do with my weight gain.

So I’ve been visiting the gym religiously lately doing spin classes, body pump, weights, and cardio.  I figured all this work would pay off in the form of a lower body fat percentage, if not weight loss.

Yesterday I asked them to weigh me again to see if I’d made any progress.  Not only had I PUT ON nearly 2kg, but my body fat percentage has INCREASED by 1 percent!  WTF?!?  The girl weighing me tried to make me feel better by saying that drinking a lot of water skews the results.  And I did drink 2 litres of water about fifteen minutes prior to being weighed.  But STILL! 

So how did I cope with this news?  By going home and baking chocloate chip cookies, of course!

Update:  After a weekend full of beer, pizza, tapas, wine, and pancakes, I lost 2 kg.  How is that possible?  I’m so confused.

P.S.  I saw Fiona, the lovely contestant from the first season of one of my favourite shows: Australia’s ‘The Biggest Loser’.  She was taking a tour of the gym and she looks awesome.  She was always one of my favourites.  The trainers were all very excited and a bit starstruck.  Go Fiona!


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