Babies Galore

No babies me for a while yet.  I’ve always gotten conflicting messages from my mom though:

Message 1:   Don’t have babies until you’re at least 30.

Message 2:   I want grandbabies!  Now!

Sorry mom, but I’m not going to have babies before I’m ready just to fulfil her need to be a grandmother.  Especially since she’s on the other side of the world.   As I’ve said before, she’ll have to make do with having grandpuppies.

I might just be the least clucky person my age, but it’s hard not to be clucky when so many people around me are or either pregnant or a mom. 

Last summer we went to four weddings.  Four!  Those weddings have resulted in one pregnancy and one baby (my nephew).

We’ve also had two couples over to an evening of wine and seafood only to discover that they were both expecting.  Awkward!

Then just last week our friends welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world.  Also, my gorgeous friend Ellen is mom to the most beautiful baby girl who I’ve not yet had the pleasure to meet.  And another long-time friend just 20 days older than me has three wonderful boys.

All of this makes me think that being a mom might be pretty awesome.  But I’m just not ready…yet.


One response to “Babies Galore

  1. I’m with you, all my friends having babies, but I’m not ready.

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