I love love love love love love LOVE shoes!  Few things make me happier than a pair of peep toe heels.  Except maybe cuddles, cupcakes and puppies.

Many stores are having their end of financial year sales so now is a great time to pick up a bargain.  Last night I had a function in the city and decided to stop in at David Jones for a bit of wedding shoe shopping beforehand.  Shoes galore!!  It would have been so much more fun if they weren’t all so damn expensive.  Amongst the Jimmy Choos, Marc Jacobs, and Laboutains were some quirky, sparkly and significantly less pricey shoes by Anne Klein.  It was love at first sight!  It matched all the requirements I had for wedding shoes:

Peep toes, heels, blue or silver, sparkly and with something unique.

I saw a pair at Gary Castles the weekend before but the $899 price tag was waaaaaay over my shoe budget.

So, here is what I got:

The colour/texture is called ‘caviar’ because they kind of look like they’ve been smeared with caviar.  These are totally untraditional and kind of weird but so perfect for me. 

My mom hates them and my dad thinks they’re tacky.  But I adore them.  Nobody’s really going to see them anyway so as long as they are comfortable and make me happy then it’s all good.

And because I’m the queen of wedding bargains, I found the same shoes from in the US for half the price.  So the ones I bought from David Jones are going back after I get my dress hemmed and I’ll have another pair sent to my parents’ house for them to bring when they come for the wedding.  Yay shoes!


2 responses to “Shoes!!!

  1. Only one pair?

    Love them! Do they sparkle too?

  2. I think they are lovely! I particularly love the jewel detail. Great slingbacks. I suppose they would be “perfect” (to me) if instead of the elastic band at the heel there was a strap, but it’s enticing to think of the peep toe section and the stones peaking out from under a long dress with every step one takes. I declare them a nice find.

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