10 things I love about you

1.  You keep me laughing all the time.  Whether you’re making Boy Dog play the sofa like a piano, spouting pirate puns, or coming up with silly songs about monkeys, you’re always entertaining.
2.  You are brilliantly intelligent. I learn so much from you.
3.  You know me better than I know myself.
4.  You may be goofy-looking, but to me you’re dead sexy.
5.  You put up with my crazy monthly PMS cry sessions.
6. You not only tolerate my dogs, but you’ve developed a genuine love for them. Well, one of them anyway. Boy Dog adores you.
7. You are passionate in your beliefs. Nobody can ever say that you are apathetic.
8. I can trust you with my life. You are always honest with me.
9. You feed me. You are an amazing cook. Without you, I’d starve.
10. You truly are the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.


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