I can’t feel my legs

I just got back from running around Sydney like a mad chook.  And when I say running around Sydney, I literally mean running around Sydney.  One of my bridesmaids and I participated in City Chase.  It’s part Amazing Race, part scavenger hunt and part long-ass run.  We swam across the pool on a noodle, ate a spoonful of wasabi, hunted for rocks in a foam party, did boot camp, walked across the Sydney harbour Bridge, played strip tennis, played car soccer, painted the toes of a random little girl, and bonded with strangers.  It was such a great day, but boy are my legs sore!  Here’s the day by numbers:

350: Number of teams of 2 participating

12: Number of checkpoints required to finish.

4 hours 31 minutes: Finishing time of the winning team.

6 hours 30 minutes: Time it took us to finish.

20: Approximate distance (in kilometers) the we had to run.

2: Bottles of wine I had the night before with the neighbour.

8: How stinky I was afterwards, on a scale of 1 to 10.

20: Number of Advil I’m going to need to take tomorrow.

12: Hours until the fiance returns from Japan.  Yay!


One response to “I can’t feel my legs

  1. Oh, that sounds like so much fun! A scavenger hunt is one of those things I always fervently want to plan for a party but that I constantly forget about when the appropriate time comes. I love the “paint the toes of a random little girl” one. I bet you had a hell of a day.

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