The fiance is in Japan for 10 whole days.  He only left this afternoon and I miss him already. 

To cheer me up, I’m going to list the positive things about having the house to myself:

  • I can eat fish for dinner.  He’s allergic so we never have fish in the house.  Salmon for dinner.  Yum!
  • On the other end of the spectrum, I can eat chocolate for dinner if I want to.  Or cheese.  Or wine.
  • I can keep the house as dirty or as clean as I want.  Probably the former though.
  • There’s nobody else for Boy Dog to pay attention to so I don’t have to feel jealous about Boy Dog loving the fiance more than me.
  • I can watch crap TV without him rolling his eyes and complaining.
  • I can take up the whooooooooolllllleeeee bed!
  • I’ll have control of the Playstation long enough to pass Guitar Hero on hard.  And boy howdy is it hard!

It’s like the parents are gone and I can do WHATEVER I WANT!!!  Boy am I pathetic if cooking salmon is my idea of letting loose.  When did I become such an adult?


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